Stop procrastinating and start creating a life you love.

If you are looking for a career or life coach, then Nikki and Richard from LME Coaching are your go-to people. Career coaching is what most of our clients see us for, mostly because they desire a career change or career clarity.

Times are changing, many people are fed up with the old working model of sticking to one career until their retirement, even if that career sucks all the energy out of them. We work about 90,000 hours in our lifetime, so we better make sure that we love what we do. Life is too short to waste it in a career we don’t enjoy!

If you too want more from your life, we can work together to bring more fulfillment, success, and excitement into your career – whether that’s in your current job, a new one, or an entirely different profession.


Most of our clients are at a point where they are dissatisfied with what they do for a living. They may be bored, burned out, frustrated, or even depressed by their job. What they have in common is a desire to escape the daily grind. They know that there must be more for them in life.

However, they have no idea what else they could do.  They think of themselves as trapped in their current profession.  “I’ve been a lawyer all my life, so what else could I possibly do?” Often they are also concerned about the risks of making such a significant change.

That’s where we come in.

We will take you through a series of processes that will help you understand:

– what you really want from your career, and your life generally

– what your transferable skills are, and

– what new career options you can create

We will also be at your side as a soundboard to discuss your ideas,   provide emotional support, improve your mindset and help you stick to the goals you set for yourself.


If you listen to your own inner voice, you probably know whether it’s time to change your career. You know whether your job inspires you or drags you down; whether you are growing professionally or wasting your potential; whether you feel fulfilled or without purpose.

Here are a few symptoms that you may be experiencing if you are   not in the right job:

  • You dread Monday mornings
  • You feel stuck in the daily grind
  • You can only get through the day with lots of sugar and caffeine
  • You are bored or frustrated by your work
  • You suffer from stress or even burnout
  • You experience mood swings or depression
  • You numb your dissatisfaction with too much food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, or by watching too much TV
  • Work sucks all energy out of you
  • You resent the people you work with
  • You feel you are missing out in life
  • Your personal relationships suffer because of your work
  • You fall ill more often than others

If that’s you, do listen to those warning signs as many of us have experienced most of the above symptoms, yet failed to pay attention. Many of us burn out badly and this can have a detrimental effect on your health as well as family life, neither of us wants this for you!

Let’s find a better job for you now.

How does CAREER COACHING work?

We will create a bespoke program based on your personal goals and challenges. Most likely, we will start by taking stock of your current career: what’s working and what’s not. From there we can discuss what specifically you are looking for in your next job or career. You may already have some ideas for alternative careers that we can work through, but if not we can explore your options together.

In a series of coaching sessions, we will guide you through a number of  processes and a psychometric test that will establish:

  • what matters to you most in life
  •  what activities you love doing most
  •  your transferable skills
  •  your most effective ways of working
  •  your desired life outcomes

By putting all of these pieces of information together, like a jigsaw, we get to successfully explore what type of role, job, career, or business you would find most fulfillment and success. We will consider your options and,   when you are ready to pursue one of them, we can create a strategy for implementing your desired career change. You may need to close any skills gaps or do some research about the realities of the new career you want to create. We can also explore ideas for reducing the risks associated with your career change if that’s a concern of yours


Working with us will be right for you if you:

  • are thinking about a career change or a change of employers
  • want to leave your job to set up your own business
  • want more success and fulfilment in your career
  • suffer from high levels of stress or even burnout
  • want to find more meaning in what you do for a living


The outcome of your career coaching journey could be:

  • a re-engagement with your current career
  • switching employers
  • a career change
  • setting up your own business
  • creating a portfolio career

Whatever your desired outcome, I encourage you to look at your job as more than just a means to pay your bills: a career that empowers rather than traps you.

Fall in love with what you do all over again.

To book a discovery session, head on over to  Contact page

or you can reach Nikki on +64 210 263 2807 or Richard on +61 414 581 472 anytime