We bring a clear-eyed understanding of the challenges and complexities associated with disruptive workforce change and offer a spirit of energy and attentiveness to current coaching work.

LME Coaches will empower you to thrive during your career & life transition. Coaching with LME will help you take a step back and refocus. We can help you understand what you really want, connect you with your values and your purpose, and together, we will set meaningful goals and you will feel confident about achieving them. Most importantly, we will support you to create new, helpful habits and build an action plan to empower you to own your career & life journey.  We are:

  • Open-minded coaches, empowering anyone to own their own journey
  • Coaches with an insatiable curiosity and unrelenting drive to learn, succeed and lead by example
  • A team of coaches who already have invested in our own personal development and are passionate about coaching and helping people to thrive
  • A force for good and celebrates individual uniqueness

We are passionate about making a difference in our clients’ lives  Flexible in approach, innovative in thinking, and strengths-based client-focused practice. 

Why Us


Your career & life transition coaching session can include:

A deep dive to look at where you are in your life and where you want to go.

Starting coaching options no contracts with options to choose your ideal package, no contracts, our sessions allow exploring your ideas and options fortnightly.

Clarity on your values, purpose, and passions.

You can implement an action plan and manageable steps right away moving forward.

Dedicated support, encouragement, and accountability.

Renewed motivation and a feeling of “I’ve got this”

An ongoing follow-up to support your career and life changes with confidence.

I recently worked with Richard and I would highly recommend him for his professionalism and dedication to coaching. He has improved my knowledge in career progression opportunities and tools that I will utilise to further both my personal and professional development. Louise - Ireland
Nikki is such a support in empowering people to bring out their hidden skills they did not know they had. She help guide me through finding myself again. Thank you, Ray - Melbourne

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