We bring a clear-eyed understanding of the challenges and complexities associated with disruptive workforce change and offer a spirit of energy and attentiveness to current coaching work.


Welcome to LME Coaching, your catalyst for flourishing through pivotal career and life transitions. Our ensemble of inquisitive, adaptable, and motivated coaches is dedicated to guiding you toward taking a momentary pause, realigning your perspective, and unraveling your true aspirations. By fostering a profound connection with your values and purpose, we shape purposeful objectives, nurturing your self-assurance in their attainment.

Our enthusiasm for personal growth is unwavering, fuelled by a commitment to aiding you in cultivating constructive routines and charting a dynamic roadmap, emboldening you to seize command of your voyage through both career and life. We champion the uniqueness that defines each individual and endeavour to be a beacon of positivity. Our approach is a fusion of adaptability, innovation, and unwavering dedication to your needs, consistently leveraging your strengths.

Choose LME Coaching as your partner in this expedition, effecting transformative changes in your life’s trajectory.

Why Us

The LME Coaching Team delves deeply into your career and life transition, illuminating your present position and charting your desired destination.

Our coaching solutions are designed for flexibility, free from rigid contracts, granting you the opportunity to delve into your ideas and choices every time we meet.

Throughout our sessions, we bring clarity to your values, purpose, and passions, constructing an actionable blueprint with attainable milestones to propel you onward.

Rest assured, our unwavering backing, motivation, and sense of responsibility will stand by you, boosting your confidence and resolve as you navigate the ebb and flow of changes in your career and life.

Additionally, we extend ongoing follow-up assistance, ensuring your triumph and fostering enduring transformations with assurance.

Select LME Coaching to embark on a journey marked by renewed drive and an empowered sentiment of “I’ve got this.”