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Nikki, Richard & Sam welcome you to LME Coaching

Welcome to LME Coaching, where Nikki, Richard, and Sam offer guidance and support to help clients move forward and gain clarity in their careers and lives. Since its inception in 2017, LME Coaching has created a safe space for clients to receive personalised coaching services, combining employee retention and career mapping to support companies of all sizes. We wanted to use our skills to help others, so we focused on creating a safe space for our clients to receive the guidance and support they need.

With hands-on support, certification, and life skills, the LME team helps clients achieve success by tailoring their approach to each client’s individual circumstances. If you’re feeling stuck in your career or life and need support to navigate change, don’t let fear hold you back. Our team has successfully supported numerous clients in their career and personal development, offering personalised approaches and hands-on support to help them achieve their goals.

Remember, you are in control of your feelings and it’s important to adjust your mindset and take control of your career and life. Building a professional support system with a coach can help you make positive changes and improve your mood and overall well-being.

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In addition to individual coaching, we also offer support to companies in the areas of employee retention and career mapping. We believe that a strong team, regardless of size, is crucial to the success of any organization, and we are here to help companies build and maintain their teams.

If you’re feeling stuck in your career or life, hiring a coach can be a great way to get support and guidance as you navigate a change. Don’t let fear hold you back from making a positive change in your life.

“The more you think and talk about your goals, the more positive and enthusiastic you become”

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

My wife and I both have used Nikki recently as a career coach and we both found her to be amazing and willing to go above and beyond what our expectations were. Her manner and professionalism are first-rate. I have recommended her to other colleagues and have no hesitation in recommending the services she and her fellow career money life people provide. Ian – Auckland NZ

I would like to highly recommend Richard, he has been absolutely fantastic in assisting me with his advice and knowledge with setting up LinkedIn my resume and cover letter. It has been fifteen years since I have needed to apply for a job so I was way behind the times in knowing what was required. I now believe with his help that I am in a much better position for applying for jobs and feel a lot more confident. Damian – Brisbane QLD

What a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Nikki has the unique ability to sort through all the layers of our lives and find the real gem lying deep within all of us. She opens our eyes to believe in ourselves, dream big, visualise, and sets us on the path to achieve our goals. Thank you for the encouragement I needed. Robyn – Brisbane QLD

I recently had a one-on-one Career Coaching session with Richard after participating in several career development webinars with him and a colleague. Throughout, Richard has been helpful, approachable, and extraordinarily knowledgeable on the subject matter. He provided inspiration as well as solid practical advice on how to navigate between roles and get the best possible outcome. I strongly recommend Richard as an expert in his field. Tom – Melbourne VIC