Meet Your LME Coaches

Welcome, we are your vibrant, driven, and uplifting coaches, specialising in career, life, personal, and outplacement coaching.

Drawing from extensive experience as accomplished business proprietors and certified coaches across diverse domains, we possess the wisdom and expertise to guide you through any career transition, personal development hurdle, or business obstacle you might encounter.

Our individual areas of expertise have been fortified by comprehensive certification, equipping us to stand beside you on your path to triumph. Allow us to be your allies in attaining your objectives and embracing a life filled with contentment and well-being.


Step into Nikki Louise Taylor’s world, where transformation meets the serenity of nature. Nikki is a Certified Career & Life Transition Coach, dedicated to empowering individuals on their personal and professional journeys. Guided by a commitment to self-actualisation, Nikki serves as a trusted guide, illuminating essential connections that lead to fulfilment.

With a wealth of experience spanning international recruiting agencies and successful leadership in recruitment companies, Nikki’s background is woven into each coaching interaction.

Beyond her coaching practice, Nikki finds solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature, often capturing the serenity of sunrise and sunset moments. Her love for yoga and the outdoors further underscores her dedication to a balanced and harmonious lifestyle.

Nikki’s journey extends beyond coaching to the creation of “Be Inspired,” a compilation of stories from 50 women worldwide, reflecting her devotion to fostering connections and sharing wisdom.

Committed to facilitating tangible change, Nikki melds her expertise with her passion for natural wonders, providing guidance that empowers individuals to embrace their potential and reach their goals.


Richard’s coaching journey is driven by an unwavering passion to guide individuals toward success in their professional endeavors, personal lives, and business ventures. Together, Richard and his clients navigate challenges, leveraging unexpected events as opportunities to reach their goals.

With a diverse spectrum of clients across Australia & New Zealand, Richard’s coaching expertise has equipped him to understand and address unique challenges on various fronts. Holding a certified title as a Career Coach, his coaching encompasses far-reaching life transitions.

Drawing from over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry, Richard’s coaching approach is enriched by practical insights and valuable knowledge. Guiding and supporting individuals through transitions and challenges is a privilege he holds in high regard.

Richard appreciates the trust bestowed upon him to be part of his clients’ journeys. He eagerly anticipates collaborating closely, creating a roadmap to success. Beyond coaching, Richard finds solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature, the tranquility of the beach, and the mindfulness of yoga. He also indulges in the captivating literary realms crafted by authors like John Grisham and Lee Childs.

Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey.


Are you ready to unlock your full potential and take control of your career and life? Joe Wall, your Accountability and Career Coach, is here to guide you on your transformative journey. With over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Coach, Joe has honed his coaching skills to empower individuals not only in fitness but also in realizing their untapped potential in their careers and personal lives.

What sets Joe apart is his deep understanding of human behavior through the power of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), as well as his experience within the Human Resources industry. Joe’s coaching style is all about fostering accountability and helping you reach your career goals. He knows what it takes to drive results because he’s been there, guiding individuals to improve on focus, functionality, and most importantly, self-belief. His expertise in NLP allows him to understand and address the mental blocks that might be holding you back in life, while his experience in HR gives insight into your career development.

When you work with Joe, you’re not just getting a coach; you’re gaining a partner in your journey to success. Joe’s unique blend of fitness, martial arts, and NLP expertise will help you supercharge your career, build unwavering accountability, and conquer your goals. Ready to discover your true potential and achieve what you once thought was impossible?

Joe is your trusted guide. Start your transformation today.