We are grateful for your positive feedback and are glad to have been able to support you.

Your satisfaction with our coaching services is meaningful to us and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.

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Richard has helped me increase my exposure on Linkedin, generating more relevant roles suited to my skills and career aspirations. Opening up option and possibilities I had not considered. His knowledge of recruitment techniques and search functions recruiters use on Linkedin was a great benefit to restructuring my online profile to generate more role offers. Simon, Melbourne
Nikki was an energetic breath of fresh air for me. She offered a different perspective and some small tweaks which have made a big difference in my life. Nikki has infectious positivity and humour and talking to her felt like confiding in a friend. Debbie, New Zealand

I got the job! Richard has been instrumental in assisting me to move to a new career in IT. He coached me to understand how I can bank on my strengths and experiences and use them in getting the role I have been longing for. Richard provided the avenue for me to gain confidence in my abilities. If you are looking at improving your career, talk to Richard and he will be there to help and mentor you to success. Jason - Gladstone
I am so thankful for my sessions with my coach. The vibrant personality, intuition and wealth of professional and personal experience really helped the connection I could make with my coach. I felt that you had a genuine interest in empowering me. Most of all you brought back that sense of play in my day. My batteries are totally charged. Gill - Brisbane
So great that the sessions were online and it didn't matter that my baby was awake for half of it. That's possibly one of the biggest reasons I took the sessions because I currently just can't get regular appointment times away from the baby for any length of time. When I signed up I didn't really know where to begin or what to say but I know I needed some outside-the-family help and I'm really glad I did. And to top it off, Nikki continued text or phone support which showed me real kindness and compassion. Elise - Melbourne

Richard is an amazing Coach. In my personal experience, he really changed my career and life. He began listening and helping me to organise my career with satisfaction and expectations. Then we moved forward analysing actual context and matching it with my future expectations. The final step was to analyse scenarios and the possible outcomes. In this part, he was bluntly honest, and it helped me to make a good decision. Wilma, Auckland, NZ
Nikki has helped me a great deal in all aspects of providing career advice,  guidance and setting up my Linkedin profile for success. Nikki's professionalism and approachable communication style have helped me immensely and I would highly recommend her services. Tony - Sydney
Richard has my highest personal and professional respect, and I recommend him to anybody looking to explore career and life directions. He is incredibly insightful with that rare ability to give advice and counsel that is practical, pertinent to your particular circumstances, and most importantly, helpful. Greg - Brisbane

Nikki goes above and beyond in a time of transition, she was readily available to have a chat regarding career decisions. She gave me direction for tools to improve my CV, cover letter and Linkedin, and more that ever was there for support. Thank you Nikki :)
Chantelle - Gold Coast