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is this true – the actual recruiting secrets supplied to you in a mentoring format?

Yes as crazy as it sounds Nikki & Richard are able to pass on to you the actual recruiting secrets that they have used successfully for more than 15 years in their recruitment business’s. Regardless of the type of business that you currently manage or work in, these recruiting methods will work for you, imagine you getting to control your own recruitment process?

Together they have crafted their skills and are willing to share their wealth of knowledge with you in your sessions together to share their knowledge. Nikki & Richard both realise how important the recruiting function is for any business and by you taking control of this you are back in the “drivers” seat. 

Together or individually they will meet with you and you may wish to select a team member too weekly. A FREE initial discovery call 15 minute via video or phone call is available to you, to ensure you have right fit prior to moving forward and engaging together. 

Imagine not only being supplied with all of the tips & tricks, recruitment techniques, secrets and strategies on a One on One mentoring basis – but to also have your recruitment function being put on auto-pilot using today’s technology combined with proactive methods?

Recruitment Secrets Client Testimonial “We really enjoyed our catch up again today with Richard this morning. It is so wonderful to have a recruitment & business sounding board as you mentioned. We really appreciate having the benefit of your experience and the ideas that we have implemented are working already!”  Kate Johnson – Director – PRDnationwide –  Queensland

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