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My name is Italia and I’m a marketing copywriter specializing in Facebook Ad Copy. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC, I got my start at a boutique ad agency in Midtown Manhattan writing emails, social media, & blogs. Fast forward to today, I’ve traded in my 9-5 for the world of freelance writing—and I fell in love with Facebook Ads.

Being a copywriter in the Facebook Ads space has given me so many opportunities. Not only do I get to work with inspiring women running their own online agencies (and making a killing), I get to do it all on my own terms.  

I can work from home and be with my family or work while travelling. In January of 2019, I went to Amsterdam for 3 weeks and was still able to serve my clients on my own schedule while immersing myself in a brand new country. 

And speaking of travel, the best career decision I ever made was quitting my job at the boutique ad agency I worked at and going to Madrid for 3 months. I had never been to Spain before or spent that much time away from home. I was 23 years old. 

It was during this trip I realized that I wanted to keep copywriting because it was something I enjoyed, but I didn’t want to do it trapped between the four walls of an office. So I made plans to begin freelancing the moment I returned to New York.

Here’s the magical part: Just one day before my return flight, my former boss at the agency texted me and asked if I would be willing to return on a part-time, freelance basis. I said yes! I then reached out to a friend to ask if I could write blogs for him. He didn’t need any but redirected me to someone he knew who ran a Facebook Ads agency and was expanding her team. I was one of her first hires, and so began my foray into the world of Facebook Ads. We still work together! 

On the opposite end, it’s hard to say what my “worst” career decision was. I truly believe every experience I’ve ever had happened for a reason—to bring me to where I am today. I don’t think there’s any way one can take a wrong turn when trying to carve out their own career path, even if sometimes it feels like you made a “mistake”. 

And I’ve been there. I knew when I decided to freelance that the path wasn’t going to be easy or straightforward, no matter how many times I tried to plan everything out. Along the way, I’ve seriously struggled with mindset, work/life balance, and mental health issues. But I’ve never once seriously considered giving up because above all I was committed to making this work. Despite everything, I’ve never been happier with my career. 

And to ANYONE looking to freelance or start their own business, here’s my advice: Ask for help. Use your connections. REACH OUT! 

I wouldn’t have gotten to be where I am today as fast as I have if it wasn’t for all the support my friends, family and colleagues have given me along the way. Imagine if I was too shy to ask my friend if he needed blog posts written? Then I may have never met my very first client who introduced me to Facebook Ads. When I need support, I no longer hesitate to reach out to my network. People are more willing to help than you think.

Because of that reason, I pay it forward in any way that I can. I still have a long way to go to be where I want, but I’ve made insane progress since I began freelancing a year and a half ago. If I have the opportunity to offer any advice, any support, or even make a referral, I will happily do it. So if you’re looking for someone to talk to or network with, my inbox is always open!

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