Who Do We Coach

Coaching (Career & Life)  Clients

Are you at a crossroads in your career?

Feeling dissatisfied with your job and looking for more?

Are you ready to explore new career directions?

Feeling stuck and unsure of what to do next?

Returning back to work?

Recently made redundant?

Too young to retire?

Graduated from School or University?Coa

Business Clients

Business Owners coaching of retaining staff and post-placement support 

Redundancy and redeployment supporting employees during their transition 

New Business start-ups for those looking to transition from a employee to business owner

Our Coaching Packages Include 

Career Profiling & Personality Profiling 

Gaining Career Clarity 

Interview Questions Coaching | Mock Interviews 

Linkedin Profile Audit and Training 

Resume | Cover Letter Templates and coaching 

Brainstorming Job Search Strategies 

“Tell Me About Yourself”

Moving Forward With Purpose 

Personal Branding

Finding My Tribe 

During Our Sessions 

we will:

🗝 clarify your preferences, motivators, and values, so you can align these with career, business & life choices

🗝 exploring how your skills and knowledge could map across to new roles for your career

🗝 explore your marketable strengths and achievements, helping you to build a targeted value proposition

🗝 identify any gaps, so you can address areas for training and development

🗝 address any fears or obstacles holding you back


What makes your coaching style different?

How many hours does coaching take?

The approach that Nikki and Richard take whilst similar to each other is quite unique in the marketplace.

Having had a variety of experiences and career transitions themselves, combined with small business ownership, we know that every single person is different and therefore requires a different approach.

We are able to work with anyone that is looking for a career change, a life change, or extra support with their business. 

This will vary depending on the goals of each person, after an initial complimentary discussion we would be able to work out with you what is required for your situation.

In most cases, clients will purchase 3 – 4 hours of coaching time initially and then ascertain what is required after that.

As we do not lock anyone into contracts our clients find this a much more acceptable way to get the support they need.

Empowering Everyone To Own Their Journey– go to our Contact page

Phone your coach now Nikki on +61 414 624 521 or Richard +61 414 581 472 anytime