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Who Do We Coach/Mentor?

 Our coaching clients include.

Career Transitions Clients

✓ Career Changers – people who want to try a new career – but don’t know what that looks like

✓ Graduates – who are not sure what they want to do, or how to go about their career path

✓ Year 10 – 12 students who need help choosing their career pathway 

✓ Parents looking into new careers & personal development

✓ LinkedIn Users – that need work on their LinkedIn profile and marketing hacks to create their own personal brand

✓ Anyone who is feeling unmotivated, unchallenged & frustrated at work

✓ Mature Age Job Seekers  considering returning back to the workforce


Business Clients


✓ Business Owners – mentoring staff on their behalf, assisting in retention, including post placement support of their recent hires

✓ Redundancy Transition – mentoring employees that have been made redundant

✓ Employees who want to move to study but are not sure how to make the transition from employment to study

✓ Employees stuck in their current careers and don’t know where to from here

✓ New Start-Up Entrepreneurs  who want to start their own business

 What do our LME Coaching packages include?



✓ Career Transition with clarity working together on your future career directions

✓ LinkedIn profile audit  a complete tour and revamp on your LinkedIn profile

✓ Career Presentation – for job searching, interview hacks, reverse presentation of your personal brand, mindset training & communication skills

✓ Contacts – use our networks to further your personal and business development



✓ Business Mentoring – general accountability, system setup & procedures, mindset training, communication, weekly support, focus on developing and expanding your business, mentoring your current employees and more

✓ Brainstorming – sessions that let us brainstorm together to make that real difference for you

✓ Experience with more than 25 years expereince in running and building businesses you get hands on real experience and practical tips – plus non-judgment support with and an outside perspective on you and your business


Everyone gets

✓ Listening – confidentially to the things that are concerning you

✓ Honest – and constructive feedback with a sounding board for your ideas.

✓ Assistance – with decision making and suggesting alternatives based on some of our own experiences


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