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“For many years I spent a lot of my free time painting and writing and the cards were a great thing to discover about myself, far away from home and few years after I moved to England and became a mum. When our two daughters started to go to school and nursery I was looking for a way to put some creativity back into my daily life.

3 years ago I wanted to give thank you cards to the team at my daughter’s nursery and realised that I didn’t have enough cards. I needed it for the next morning, so my daughter and I sat down and started painting, cutting, gluing and… making cards.

The timing was just right for me to feel more independent, so then came to the idea to make and sell greetings cards, with a personal touch, that cannot be found in the regular shops. I felt like a chef that knows intuitively what to do with a set of ingredients, and I was so excited that I had found something where I could use my creativity to make a product that people would want to buy. And so it started.

Having been successful locally, I felt that it was the right time to open an online shop to sell my products, all over the world.

I’m doing what I love to do. “

Ori Fyne – UK

Fyne Hand-Made Cards

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