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It’s a bit of a laugh really & my current destination & my journey were never ever in my loose plan but shows the universe always has a plan.
I was working in administration in Melbourne when my personal life changed dramatically. And the change saw me take a huge leap of faith & move to a mining town in Qld, 2 hours west of Mackay.
I started work at the local pub, doing drive through & loved it. Then moved on to the local bank as a teller. Then I was offered a role as a Safety Administrator. This job saw me go into the gas industry within the mining sector & learn so much. I loved Safety. Completed a Certificate in Safety Administration. 13 months later I was let go & was back to job-hopping briefly. Then my sister in law called me, she was working in recruitment & asked me if I wanted to work in Real Estate. I said no, I had zero interest in working in Sales, I had a failed business behind me to prove that! (That’s a whole different story). But she explained it was working in Property Management. Managing rental properties. I thought why not! Interviewed on Friday & started Monday! Worked in that industry in that town for 2.5 years & saw a lot of change when the first rental boom hit. During this time, I wanted to get fit, so I decided to study my Certificate III Fitness. Turns out that I learned HOW to get fit but didn’t get fit. So the following year I continued my study & completed my Certificate IV Fitness. It was a HUGE commitment. I worked full time in Property Management & my study required me to attend 2 classes a week. It was a big year. Later in the year, we were given 26 assignments in ONE day.  We were given 8 weeks to finish them. Took loads of sacrifice & discipline. Done. Passed at years end.
Our local boxing club approached me about taking on the local Management role within their club to manage the gym/boxing/crèche. After loads of discussions with several people, I took the job. LOVED it. I bounced out of bed every day. I was at the club by 5am to train & was back there again by 7am to start work. After living in the town for 5 years & in that role for 10 months, I decided to leave & move to Brisbane. Hard decision but it was time.
I did a further 2.5 years back in Property Management in Brisbane & after marrying & having my first baby, a role popped up back in the gym environment working as a Personal Trainer so I applied & was successful.
I’m still there almost 5 years later.
I don’t plan on doing this long term but right now, it’s the right career path & suits our families’ needs. Next year I hope to return to study & it will be away from PM or fitness.
As to what, still deciding!
Always be open to change, your life doesn’t always go the way we planned & That is totally OK. Embrace the challenge, always look ahead & stay positively focused.
I wish you every success with your onward journey.
You’ve totally got this!
Elicia Dwyer – Personal Trainer