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I was raised on a farm so as a child I was only ever going to be a farmer first career. Since leaving the farm at 13 years of age I have struggled to find purpose and passion with anything I have worked at, that is 40 plus years searching, so what is a career is it time in one job,

I spent 12 years working on the railway at the same time I was in the army reserves 10 years during this time I was a partner in small business 13 years all up beauty therapist, hairdresser, Cafe bakery. Elected to local government (while on the railway and army reserves and small business ) councillor for 17 years, I received a state award for my groundbreaking work in the industry development of aquaculture in NSW over 4 years, worked night shift petrol station 5 years, 8 years with foresty industry my own business, could have made more money with a chainsaw and a wheelbarrow than I did with a five-man crew and 300 thousand worth of equipment. A few years paying the bank debt on equipment you do not have while that may not be a career it is a consequence of career change with planning or was it no planning, nobody plans to fail but career change planning is only as good as your execution of that plan or career change so poor execution will get poor outcome. Six years labor Hire working heavy industry shut work and heavy maintenance, would not call it a career but pays bills but it can pigeon hole your life to emotional and social isolation would not recommend as a career but there are skills to be acquired and life experiences to be had. Career change is the emotional rollercoaster of the turmoil and obsessive thinking over and over of compulsive personal torment in making life-changing decisions and living the consequences.

30 years married till divorced now that is a career change with consequences and opportunity. If you still want to live your life wondering what could have been stay were you are if your life needs some living to execute with conviction and learn from and challenge yourself and accept the consequences as lessons in life. I am now six months into preparing for a new career that will challenge the very core of my belief in who I am and my values, does the world change the man or does the man change the world around him.  Ken – Central Queensland Australia